Shipping and return policies for Contortionist

Shipping Info
We ship by US Postal Mail because we still believe in it. Just like the Library system. We ship at the lowest rate possible so it will probably take a week to get there. If you want confirmation or insurance, pony up for it. Rates listed are for the United States (48) only. The rest of the world, email me first before ordering. I will totally work with you, but I want to get an accurate price for shipping and not over charge you. IF you email me, I will put yr shirt size and tape aside and respond once I know how much it would cost. Then, you have 48 hours to paypal me. Thanks.
Return Policy
Items can be returned if defective only. That means it doesn't work, it doesn't play or it's ripped in half when you get it. Our music is noisy. If you didn't listen to the preview tracks on this then you're a moron. Your tape or record will not be returned because of noise issues. Those are intentional. Further, if you don't like the art of the other merch we offer, tough toe nails toots. Again, you should have previewed it. Further, we do not pay return postage on merch. We're a band, not a business. We will replace anything that is messed up. Word.